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Plymouth-Banjul Update No.3

3 January 2007
Whilst they had hoped to reach the small town of Imilchil, in the Atlas mountains, they found that the roads were too bad to go that way and after a lot of driving around the Atlas Mountains ended up at Beni Mellal (about 200km from Marrakesh).


Whilst the roads are bad, they reported Wilfred is doing well!


Tomorrow on to Marrakesh!



01 2007

Plymouth-Banjul Update No.2

1 January 2007
Rest day and a visit to Gibraltar with team ‘keep the meter running’ that are doing the challenge in a black cab. Had fun and saw the wild monkeys! Resting for a long day tomorrow.

The Banjul Gang

2 January 2007
Early start for the ferry journey over to Morocco. After a bit of customs confusion on the ferry, they were able to set off into Morocco. They reached Meknes and camped there the night. Apparently an Austrian film crew are there filming some of the rally participants, so the guys should be included in the footage.


01 2007

Plymouth-Banjul Update No.1

28 December 2006
The guys left just before 7am. Crossed from Dover to Boulogne and started the long drive down to Clermont Ferrand, only to discover that Wilfred (the Vitara) shook violently over 55mph once fully loaded. They decided to stay below 55mph. Reaching their accommodation later than expected they found they had been locked out of the hotel – they did eventually get in and had to share a double bed. They say it’s very cold in France.

Alex at Dover29 December 2006
Driving through France, over the Millau bridge in the Massif Central mountains (which is more than 300m high, taller than the Eiffel Tower). Last news I heard was that they were trying to cover as much distance as they could today and will be in Spain at least as far as Barcelona, but hopefully Valencia by nightfall.

30 December 2006
The guys continued driving all night and arrived in Tarifa at 10am this morning after 26 hours on the road. They covered 1000 miles since leaving Clermont Ferrand yesterday morning. After some very cold driving through the night they were pleased to find a warmer climate here! They were the first team to arrive in Tarifa so got their room in the hotel! Now some of the other teams are gradually arriving. They’ll get some rest days in Tarifa until they leave for Morocco on the 2nd January.

The route…


Banjul Route Map


12 2006

NoMad Rush in the Bulletin

Bas_bulletin_Dec_06As a refuse truck driver, he can normally be cruising the district’s streets at 5 mph…


12 December Quiz night
Following another successful NoMad Rush quiz night at the Swan, Little Totham we raised another £84 in quiz entrance fees, with a considerable amount also raised through sale of raffle tickets for a luxury hamper put together by Gavin and Beccy at the Swan.

We had 7 teams competing in 8 question rounds and a picture round with the winning team, the Fish Street Kids scoring 103 points out of a possible 120 .  In 2nd Place came Norfolk and Chance with 88 points and 3rd came No Hope with 85 points.

Our thanks go again to Gavin and Beccy, John and Val at the Swan for hosting the event and for putting together the fabulous luxury hamper to raffle.



12 2006

Community News for NoMad Rush

Community News, Maldon and Heybridge edition – It’s about 4 weeks until Heybridge man Alex Joslin, 34 and his friend Simon Salter, also 34, from Boreham leave Essex and their families behind, for the biggest and most daunting adventure of their lives…


12 2006

Fundraising Update

Wilfred Wheel Cover22 September 2006 – Simon talked to BBC Essex, promoting the challenge and the charities that we’re raising money for.

26 September 2006 – Quiz night

The pub quiz was held at The Swan, Little Totham.

£142 was raised on the night. There were approx. 65 participants in 13 teams participating in 10 fun-packed rounds. The scoring was awarded in miles, with the maximum score being the 4000mile objective of reaching Banjul!

  • In the first place came Spurts! With 3080m – who managed to reach Mauritania, still 1000 miles short of Banjul
  • In 2nd place were Scumbag College who made 2910m,
  • and 3rd place Markem at 2850m, both floundering in the sands in Western Sahara.

The team in last place made 2040m so even they made it to Morocco – but let’s hope NoMad Rush can beat that!

21 October 2006
Wilfred gets 5 new all terrain tyres with many thanks to the guys at Universal Tyres in Tilbury for donating Wilfred’s new boots.

28 November 2006
In addition to the new tyres, Keith Martin Upholstery has made us a fantastic back tyre cover, which Kath Joslin has now decorated (see picture)!


11 2006

NoMad Rush at the Carnival

Si Nomad Pulling WilfredTeam Nomad Rush took part in the Maldon Carnival.

We joined the procession down the high street (see photo) and the stall and tombola were a great success. A lot of interest was shown in the challenge and the fundraising efforts.

Thank you Maldon!


08 2006

NoMad Rush in the News again!

A BASILDON dustcart driver and his brother-in-law are preparing to tackle one of the toughest car rallies in the world…

Evening Echo Basildon


07 2006

NoMad Rush in the Press!

A GREASE monkey and a seasoned traveller are joining forces to tackle a rugged road rally across Europe and West Africa in aid of three charities…

Maldon Standard Article


07 2006

Introducing ‘Wilfred’ the Suzuki Vitara

Wilfred the VitaraWe have a car finally! After chasing left hookers on eBay like the other rally entrants we had a lead (thanks Ros) on a 1991 Suzuki Vitara in Bexhill, Kent.

Alex made the call and discovered that this chap Nick had been using it to mess about on the beach. Great we know it has been on sand!! So we trekked down there in June to check her out. She actually looked like she had completed the rally, but for a few hundred quid she will be perfect. Apart from fuel tank leak and general maintenance she should be perfect. Hopefully!!!

Shortly after…

We attended the launch party down in Devon. The Vitara – now nick-named ‘Wilfred’ (after the great African explorer Wilfred Thesiger), had a good run down to Devon and back, all still intact and working!! At the launch party we met lots of other crazy petrol heads who will be attempting the challenge. Thanks to the dis-organiser Julian (right) and all who attended a great weekend.


06 2006