NoMad Rush in the News again!

A BASILDON dustcart driver and his brother-in-law are preparing to tackle one of the toughest car rallies in the world…

Evening Echo Basildon


07 2006

NoMad Rush in the Press!

A GREASE monkey and a seasoned traveller are joining forces to tackle a rugged road rally across Europe and West Africa in aid of three charities…

Maldon Standard Article


07 2006

Introducing ‘Wilfred’ the Suzuki Vitara

Wilfred the VitaraWe have a car finally! After chasing left hookers on eBay like the other rally entrants we had a lead (thanks Ros) on a 1991 Suzuki Vitara in Bexhill, Kent.

Alex made the call and discovered that this chap Nick had been using it to mess about on the beach. Great we know it has been on sand!! So we trekked down there in June to check her out. She actually looked like she had completed the rally, but for a few hundred quid she will be perfect. Apart from fuel tank leak and general maintenance she should be perfect. Hopefully!!!

Shortly after…

We attended the launch party down in Devon. The Vitara – now nick-named ‘Wilfred’ (after the great African explorer Wilfred Thesiger), had a good run down to Devon and back, all still intact and working!! At the launch party we met lots of other crazy petrol heads who will be attempting the challenge. Thanks to the dis-organiser Julian (right) and all who attended a great weekend.


06 2006