Plymouth-Banjul Update No.1

28 December 2006
The guys left just before 7am. Crossed from Dover to Boulogne and started the long drive down to Clermont Ferrand, only to discover that Wilfred (the Vitara) shook violently over 55mph once fully loaded. They decided to stay below 55mph. Reaching their accommodation later than expected they found they had been locked out of the hotel – they did eventually get in and had to share a double bed. They say it’s very cold in France.

Alex at Dover29 December 2006
Driving through France, over the Millau bridge in the Massif Central mountains (which is more than 300m high, taller than the Eiffel Tower). Last news I heard was that they were trying to cover as much distance as they could today and will be in Spain at least as far as Barcelona, but hopefully Valencia by nightfall.

30 December 2006
The guys continued driving all night and arrived in Tarifa at 10am this morning after 26 hours on the road. They covered 1000 miles since leaving Clermont Ferrand yesterday morning. After some very cold driving through the night they were pleased to find a warmer climate here! They were the first team to arrive in Tarifa so got their room in the hotel! Now some of the other teams are gradually arriving. They’ll get some rest days in Tarifa until they leave for Morocco on the 2nd January.

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