Plymouth-Banjul Update No.10

12 January 2007
Back in signal range about 4 o’clock for Alex’s phone only. They have had a good few days in Mauritania, spent pulling the other cars out of the sand. Wilfred was the only car that didn’t get stuck in the sand by the sounds of it and they spent the time helping out the others. They had fun driving down the beach road! Camped on a hotel roof at Nouakchott – they’ll have to explain quite how this worked?? But they did get to use the hotel facilities and had a well needed shower after the days in the desert.

Earlier – still out of signal range. They should have camped last night by the beach and set off early on the beach road this morning. The beach road actually isn’t a road and just involves driving along the beach and hoping not to get cut off by the tide coming in.

They would have needed to have left early this morning to make the journey – so with the Atlantic Ocean one side and high sand dunes the other, it’s imperative they get through this stretch in good time before the high tide comes in!

Alex in Wilfred

13 January 2007
Disaster struck for team Ice cold in Banjul, on the road leading towards the Mauritania / Senegal border. It sounds like they went down a very large rut in the road and smashed up the front of the car. The steering shaft went and there was lots of damage to the engine. So they had to ditch the Fiesta as it wasn’t drivable or repairable.

Thankfully the guys were ok but very shook up. They are now passengers in the black cab, with their gear in with Si and Alex.
So, they carried on and reached the border. They managed the border crossing into Senegal in just 3 hours. This sounds like a lot but apparently that’s quick and they were expecting much longer. Si plus Dom (from team Keep the meter running) managed to negotiate their way through in this record time.

They phoned to let us know the progress and events of the day once they had reached the Zebrabar.

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