Plymouth-Banjul Update No.11

14 January 2007
Rest day at the Zebrabar campsite near Saint Louis. They say it’s really beautiful there and they are relaxing a bit before carrying on to Gambia tomorrow. They were just going to go off on a boat trip to see the sights.

15 January 2007
Well they were going to carry on to Gambia today, but they were enjoying themselves so much at the Zebrabar that they decided to stay another day. They really will travel on to Gambia tomorrow (or so they say!)…

Senegal Kids

16 January 2007
Journey through Senegal with customs escort. As so many cars had congregated at the Zebrabar, the convoy to cross Senegal became fairly large (in the region of 30 cars) which meant lots of waiting for people to catch up. Also the guide did a fair bit of stopping and asking for directions as well by the sounds of it. Instils confidence doesn’t it! They ending up getting to the border very late and only managed about 4 hours sleep in a compound there.

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