Plymouth-Banjul Update No.6

7 January 2007
Reached Dakhla where they camped in a very hard, gravelly camp site, so were pleased of their camp beds that lifted them off the hard ground.

Banjul Team Shot

8 January 2007
The guys and 4 other teams stopped in a half built hotel at the road side. I think the others in their convoy are Ice cold in Banjul , Desert Scousers , Keep the meter running , and another team in a BMW.

This is on the road that leads to the border with Mauritania (so really in the middle of nowhere), but they wouldn’t have so far to go to reach the border the next day – as they were told it was a long drive. They didn’t fancy the hotel menu, so were cooking their army rations when I spoke to them. Alex was in the middle of cooking the desert for Si.

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01 2007

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