Plymouth-Banjul Update No.7

9 January 2007
Today they should cross the border into Mauritania and drive the famous road which has land mines either side.

I have now been assured that the mined areas to the sides have now been fenced off, so not as precarious as it had appeared in the DVD we watched of the first Plymouth – Banjul run, where they simply had to follow the tyre tracks left in the sand by the previous car and hope that the wind didn’t blow the sand over these! The DVD had also shown half blown up cars either side as a result of what happens when someone ventured too much to one side.

Alex and Wilfred Pose

They rang later from Nouadhibou where they arrived safe and well. The most eventful thing that happened on the mined stretch of road was the Fiesta (driven by Ice cold in Banjul) getting stuck in the sand. Wilfred had no problems!

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