Who are we?

Meet the NoMad Rush Team:

Founding Members

Simon SalterSi has spent many years travelling to all corners of the globe. In recent years he has combined his passion for adventure with a number of fundraising projects for countries less fortunate than ours and for charities closer to home.

Si is always thinking up the next event.
Alex JoslinAlex, the grease monkey and mechanical mastermind who is all too often roped into these adventures by Si. He enjoys getting involved with their various fundraising efforts and is never afraid to make a fool of himself.

Al is always waiting to be told of the next event.

Associate Members

Gavin LondonGavin's stamina, determination and drive is legendary, having completed several half marathons and two marathons. He's not just confined to two feet though. He has completed many biking challenges too, such as the obligatory London to Brighton, London to Paris, the inaugural Prudential Ride London and St Crispin's Day Night Ride, which are both 100 mile challenges. Si was also a member of Team London when Gavin completed the Oxfam Trailwalker in 2010.
Stuart CarterHaving spent years sponsoring Si in his various worldwide exploits from a safe distance, Stu thinks it's probably about time he got his feet dirty (literally) by finally agreeing to take part in one of Si's fundraising ideas. Hoping to bring a bit of maturity to the team, his well-known clumsiness may in fact add some comedy instead!
Tom LawsonFirst Attempt: Often described as the hero of the group, Tom brings his boyish charm, charisma, wit and exceptional personality to the mix. Often compared to the mythological Hercules, no challenge is too big.

Second Attempt: Tom is always up for a challenge and likes anything that creates an adrenalin rush. Tom recently completed a half marathon with his brother dressed as Spiderman and is planning on doing more challenges in ridiculous fancy dress. In his spare time he enjoys running, rock climbing and wakeboarding.
Mike LawsonGrowing up in the shadow of greatness is never easy, however, Mike (also known as Les) is keen to finally wipe away his tears, turn off World of Warcraft and step outside. His first outing will be the 100km walk for charity. Mike loves a challenge (his entire life has been one) and is using this fund raising event as a chance to take the adoption rumours off his mind. In the past he has completed the 10 Tors multiple times, ran a half marathon carrying a friend on a stretcher for Help the Heroes, ran a half marathon as Spiderman and will soon be running a half marathon for Everton football club,
Daniel EdmundsonAs the resident Northerner of the group (there is always one!), Dan always aims to push himself to the limit in whatever challenge he attempts. Recently completing the Santa Run, Dan is moving on to a marathon before undertaking the Great North Run as warm up for the Thames Path Challenge. Dan is viewed as the social butterfly of the group, tending to drive the conversation and banter through constant derivation of his abilities. Dan likes going to gigs, drinking and running and is inspired by Tony the Fridge when completing challenges.

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